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Innovation Project

1. Description (2020 RePlay project)

Challenge Story:

All around us, there are opportunities to play and be active — from open parks to cement courts, in our classrooms, and even when we’re waiting in line. But more and more people are not active enough.

How and where can we help people be more active?

So how are we going to solve these challenges?

For the Innovation Project, your team will:

2. Judging Session:

Your team will spend ten (10) minutes with the judges. Your team will have five (5) minutes to deliver your Project presentation to the judges; the last ten (5) minutes are reserved for the judges to ask questions. This presentation should be rehearsed and polished. The judges will wait until your presentation is over to ask questions. Please stick to the five (5) minute time limit! Props and costumes are permitted, and judges will look for creativity in the presentation style.

Remember, to be eligible for a FIRST LEGO League Project award, your team needed to identify a problem relating to the theme, design an innovative solution to the problem you selected, and share your problem and solution with others.

For questions about the Project, visit the Judging FAQ on the FIRST LEGO League website.

Judging Rubrics

Sample Questions

3. Tutorials


4. Examples

team 10775 (Fire Breathing Duckies) for the City Shaper 2019 season.


12,14 Jan - continuing work

Got sidetracked in wanting to create web app/web site, now working on slides to describe how the app should work

7 Jan, 2021 - started Innovation project